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Being naturally talented with an instrument can be a tremendous thing. Unfortunately, many people who are skilled with an instrument without receiving instruction tend to never learn the theory or technical aspects behind what they are doing. This can cause many who wish to compose their own music to be unable to do so, as they are not aware of how notes or chords can be put together to form a song.

Without proper instruction, players can also stagnate as they are not learning anything new to add to their repertoire. A good instructor can nurture the natural abilities of a student, in order to shape a masterful and skilled player. If you or your child have the talent but have never received instruction, Whitehead studio offers piano lessons for intermediate in Los Angeles, CA.

Piano classes for intermediate players will dive deep into music theory, in order to supplement playing skill with knowledge. This theoretical knowledge is perhaps just as important as the ability to play itself. These sessions will teach students how pitch, rhythm, and harmony work and how they can be manipulated, in order to form certain sounds.

The emphasis on music theory in piano instruction for intermediate players will also help students train their ears. This will allow them to recognize notes and chords and be able to play without reading any sheet music. The ultimate goal is for the student to be able to replicate on the piano any piece that is played for them.

While it is possible to teach yourself to play an instrument if you have a knack for it, it is not possible to learn the intricacies behind what you are playing without the proper instruction.

Push your potential to its maximum by enrolling in piano sessions for intermediate players at Whitehead Piano Studio.

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