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Whitehead Piano Studio offers superior and affordable piano lessons for beginners in Los Angeles, CA. As an award-winning piano instructor, I can teach you or your children the fundamentals that are needed in order to master the piano. My program is available for students of ages six and up, so that concentration and focus are not issues. While under my tutelage, beginning students will learn how to approach the piano both in practice and in theory.

Piano instruction for beginners consists mostly of learning the basics of the piano, such as learning where notes are located and basic finger techniques. We will also focus on proper etiquette, posture, and timing. By the end of the course, students will be able to read sheet music and have some experience in sight reading.

Piano classes for beginners will also include the history of the piano and how it developed throughout the history of music. This knowledge about the history of the instrument is important in developing passion and a will to continue learning. Learners will also be taught about the composition of the instrument itself. Piano sessions for beginners will go over the engineering of a piano, which can help tremendously in learning to recognize notes and chords.

I am dedicated to making sure that my students are never afraid to express themselves through their music. My program is focused on building confidence so that the skills that my pupils acquire can be shared with the world around them. Recitals and competitions will be regular occurrences that should be viewed as positive learning experiences. Learning to play an instrument is an invaluable investment of your time and money.

Give yourself joy that will last your entire life by reaching out to Whitehead Piano Studio.

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