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The piano is an instrument that many people underestimate. While it is possible to learn the basics and be able to play songs that are beautiful and charming, there is so much more to know. True mastery of the piano can only be achieved when you are working with someone that has spent years uncovering and tinkering with the subtler aspects of the piano.

If you are seeking advanced piano instruction in the Los Angeles area, Whitehead Piano Studio is your best option. Before I began my 35 years of experience instructing students of all skill levels, I was working with world renowned musicians. At my alma mater, the Juilliard School of Music, the finer details of the piano were revealed to me, and over the years, I have continued to refine and hone them.

Advanced piano instruction requires a student-teacher relationship that consists of two peers working together, rather than a superior imposing their will upon a student. When you seek out advanced instruction from me, we will work together, in order to take your skills to the level of a master. Piano instruction for advanced sessions are personalized and will vary depending on what it is that the student needs guidance on.

Helpful piano classes for advanced students cannot be found just anywhere. Completely mastering the piano requires instruction from someone that has already done so. Thankfully, I offer piano lessons for advanced students in Los Angeles, CA.

When you need guidance to master the last few intricacies of the piano, contact me at Whitehead Piano Studio.

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